Minamide Knitted Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 as a manufacturer of undergarments. At the beginning of its founding, it was a company that made pure white undergarments, but now it has grown into a factory that can sew jackets and down coats.


However, the process was not straightforward, and many problems arose from the field.


At that time, there were no designers at Minamide Meriyasu because no designs were needed for undergarments. But fashion doesn't start without design.


As a result, some people in the planning field said, "We can't come up with designs because we don't have designers!"


Also, at the sewing site, the seamstresses raised their voices. "It is too difficult to sew with such a non-stretching fabric!"


Similarly, at the pattern site, "We are a manufacturer of undergarments, so we can't make complicated coat patterns!"


At the cutting site, "It's impossible to cut such fine parts!"


Even so, Kazushige Minamide, the second president of the company, has been at the forefront for decades with the thought that "we will become a factory that can create total coordination that represents Japan, and deliver the best smile to those who wear it." Over the years, we have solved all the problems.


And now, we have become the only factory in the world that can produce full items such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, jackets, down coats, and sweaters in-house.


商 号 / Trade name南出メリヤス株式会社
Minamide Knitted Co.,Ltd.
代 表 / Representative代表取締役社長 南出和成
Representative director Kazushige Minamide
登記本社 / Registry〒595-0062 大阪府泉大津市田中町9番35号
9-35 Tanakamachi, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0062
本 社 / Headquarters〒595-0012 大阪府泉大津市北豊中町2丁目2番3号
2-2-3 Kitatoyonakacho, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0012
ナル事業部 / NARU division〒595-0012 大阪府泉大津市北豊中町2丁目2番2号 / 2-2-2 Kitatoyonakacho, Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture 595-0012
WEB事業部 / WEB division〒595-0012 大阪府泉大津市北豊中町2丁目2番3号
2-2-3 Kitatoyonakacho, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0012
リフレイン事業部 / REFRAIN division〒595-0012 大阪府泉大津市北豊中町2丁目2番2号
2-2-2 Kitatoyonakacho, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0012
清水町工場(STF) / Sewing factory〒595-0043 大阪府泉大津市清水町町13番36号
13-36 Shimizuchocho, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0043
ニット工場 / Knit factory〒595-0062 大阪府泉大津市田中町9番35号
9-35 Tanakamachi, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0062
創 業 / Founding昭和28年 / 1953
設 立 / Established昭和37年4月3日 / April 3, 1962
事業内容 / Business content自社ブランドを持つ国産アパレルメーカー
A Japanese apparel manufacturer with its own factory.We are developing our business from planning to manufacturing and sales.
ナル事業部: カジュアルアパレル 企画、製造、販売
WEB事業部: オンラインストア NARU FACTORY
リフレイン事業部: ナチュラルモードアパレル 企画、製造、販売
資本金 / Capital10,000,000円
決算期 / Accounting period3月(年一回)/ March(once a year)
従業員 / employees35名
取引銀行 / Bank三井住友銀行 泉大津支店
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Izumiotsu Branch
池田泉州銀行 泉大津支店
The Senshu Ikeda Bank Izumiotsu Branch
商工中金 堺支店
Shoko Chukin Bank Sakai Branch
年 商 / Year quotient7億 / 700 million yen
仕入先 / Supplier株式会社ヤギ / YAGI & CO.,LTD.
スタイレム株式会社 / STYLEM KOREA CO., LTD.
株式会社サンウェル / Sunwell Solutions Co., Ltd.
双日ファッション株式会社 / SOJITZ FASHION CO., LTD. 他
販売先 / Sales destination全国専門小売店
株式会社ビショップ 他
一般消費者 / consumer
All over the world